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Search Engine Optimization

Targeted SEO Marketing

Search engine positioning or optimization (SEO) is a critical component of ensuring the success of your site.

Many companies launch a website and simply hope against hope that their site will be ranked well in natural search rankings. SEO can be complex – the proprietary and highly secret algorithm that determines Google rankings, for example, uses 125 to 400 differing factors, many of which cannot be manipulated by site owners or web designers / developers. But there are many factors that can be adjusted and monitored to improve a site’s ranking, and iContext can assist you in leveraging your online profile to increase web traffic.

3 Steps to Better Search Rankings

How can you get your site to the top of the listings?

1. Analyze

iContext begins by assessing your site via our 5 Point Web Site Effectiveness Audit, a comprehensive review of your:

  • Web Profile & Search Engine Ranking
  • Navigation & Usability
  • Accessibility & Browser Standards
  • Interactivity & Functionality
  • Overall Look & Feel

2. Improve

Once areas for improving your site’s web profile have been identified, iContext will work with you to make changes to your site.

We’ll also recommend ongoing content generation and linking strategies that will increase your online profile.

3. Extend

Getting and maintaining a good search engine rank is an ongoing task. iContext can manage the SEO process for you and provide you with simple strategies to monitor, maintain and improve your ranking, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

For more information on iContext’s search engine optimization services, please contact us.