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SSL Certificates

Is Your Site At Risk from Being Penalized by Google’s SSL Changes?

WARNING – Your Website Needs an SSL Certificate by Summer 2018

Google is moving towards a more secure web. Effective July 2018, they will start treating pages with HTTP connections as “Not Secure”.

After many years of pushing for all websites to be secure by default, Google will mark insecure websites in their Chrome browser beginning this Summer.

The Internet isn’t as secure as you might think! With a website using only HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol), anyone can potentially read the data that you send to and from a server.

What is the solution to this privacy problem? HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure).

HTTPS essentially authenticates your website and protects the privacy of the exchanged data by encrypting the end-to-end communication from a customer’s computer to your web server.

What is an SSL Certificate and Why Do You Need It?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates are data files that binds a digital cryptographic “key” to your organization’s details. Once the SSL certificate is installed on your web server, the HTTPS protocol is activated to ensure secure and encrypted connections to a web browser.

If your website is not currently secured with an SSL certificate, when your potential customers enter their personal information on your site, they will receive a warning from Google that their private details may be exposed.

Presented with this message, they might become fearful of entering their information and instead, opt to protect themselves by leaving your site rather than fill out your contact form, make a purchase or ask for a quote.

The results could be catastrophic for your business and could mean losing a massive amount of traffic, revenue and sales… not to mention the damage that could be done to your reputation. You need to take the appropriate steps to ensure your customers feel safe entering their private information on your website.

What Will an SSL Certificate Do for Your Business?

An SSL certificate:

  • provides security
  • increases trust
  • is a positive ranking factor in search engine results
  • future-proofs your website’s security

iContext’s SSL certificate service can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively, making your customers feel safer and increasing their trust, so you never have to worry about them going to your competition (many of whom may already be using a secure connection to collect inbound leads).

Types of SSL Certificates & Their Benefits

from $197/yr
from $497/yr
from $847/yr
Proves ownership of domain

Proves validity of organization

Displays business name in green address bar

Shows that business is legitimate

Assists in Google ranking

Strong encryption – SHA-2 & 2048-bit

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Which Type of SSL Certificate is Right for My Business / Organization?

Domain Validation
(DV) SSL personal blogs and very small businesses / organizations
Organization Validation
(OV) SSL smaller businesses & ecommerce sites, not-for-profits, & other entities that collect personal data via simple web forms
Extended Validation
(EV) SSL larger corporations & governments
  • verified using only the domain name or email address (lower standard of verification)
  • both identity and physical business address is verified using valid documents, e.g. government-issued business license or copy of recent phone bill
  • gives site visitors an extra level of confidence
  • recognized as the highest standard in Internet trust - provides the maximum amount of trust to visitors
  • "green address bar" shows your company or organization
  • requires the most effort to validate, e.g. signed EV agreement & authorization forms & a letter from a Certified Public Accountant verifying your business

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