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Web & Internet Strategy + Solutions

Web Application Development

Move Your Business Processes Online

Accessibility. Scalability. Efficiency. The world’s business is moving onto the web, and companies both large and small are reinventing their business processes to take advantage of the Internet’s global reach.

iContext employs an iterative rapid application development methodology that results in a fast deployment timeline. This iterative process allows clients to launch a web-based application or service, evaluate it over a defined period of time, and determine ways in which it can be improved over the next and subsequent versions of the application’s lifecycle.

Example Web Applications

Below are just a few of the types of applications iContext has built over the past 20 years:

  • Online Course Delivery / Tutor Management Application
  • “Member Only” Secure Area
  • Online Quote Building System
  • Building Services Reporting Tool
  • Recruitment Outreach & Tracking System
  • Web-Based Inventory Management Application

Take Payments & Sell Goods Online

iContext has over two decades of experience in integrating a variety of ecommerce payment tools into websites, including:

We also have extensive experience in integrating other payment gateways and systems, including the ecommerce platforms of most major Canadian banks.

These tools give businesses and not-for-profits an extremely cost-effective solution to manage secure online purchases and payments. From donations to complete shopping carts, we can help you to increase your business’ global competitiveness and reach new customers or contacts.